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The Website Design a web design and internet development company focusing on small business website design. The Website Design Co. is seattle based and specializes in all website design projects. With website design packages starting at $249 OR $49 per month!, email My prices compare favorably with any professional web design firm in the world.The Website Design Co. also provides professional Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Logo Design, and custom Flash Development. All web development projects use the latest technology, including an enterprise level Content Management System, Client side and Server Side scripting .

Small Businesses

For small businesses who need a fully customized and customizable website, The Website Design Co. provides free, no obligation quotes on our web design services. We can add custom functionality like shopping carts, online payments, message boards, chat rooms, blogs, and much more. Small business plans start from as little as $249 The Website Design Co. can add custom database functionality to your website as well. This allows you nearly unlimited possibilities for your clients and potential clients who visit your website.


Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

Many small business owners believe that the simple act of building a website will increase sales, and are disappointed when their beautiful website draws no new customers. A website is a marketing tool, and to create real ROI, it should be optimized correctly using industry standard techniques. SEO, above all else, is about driving targeted traffic to your website and converting those visitors to paying customers.

Search Engine Optimization is generally known as the process of developing a "search engine friendly" website that is highly ranked in search engine results pages. Studies show that 60% of all click-through are from the first page of search results with the majority of the remaining 40% coming from page 2. If your website is languishing far down the search results' lists, then your traffic will be minimal and it is impossible to realize a return-on-investment from your website activities.


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